Current Events Articles

May 2010

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Answer the questions on the given form.
Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

New Supreme Court Justice Selection --- A Woman

Space Shuttle Atlantis at the Space Station

Going to School in India

Mount St. Helens' Revival

Kobe or LeBron ?

Man dies while trying to rescue injured teenager

Woman Swimming to Raise Awareness

Penguins... Numbers Don't Add Up

Robot Conducts Wedding in Japan

Robin Hood Movie Weapons

15 year old Bullying Suicide

8 Year Old Saves Sister from Abduction

16 Year Old Sails Around the World

Where will LeBron Go ?

April 2010

Answer the questions on the given form.

New Species

Earth Day

Tornadoes in the South

Writing on Eggshells

Antartica Rivers

Military Kids

Problems with flights

Iceland Volcano

The Sea that Vanished

West Virginia Coal Mine Tragedy

Bully - Suicide Case

Not every place is like America

Internet or TV?

Mellon Area Memories

Forgotten World War II Women Pilots Remembered

Back to School in Haiti

Pirates Opening Day

Andrew Jackson Gets his Mug back

Michael Jackson's Doctor: Beat it you've been Bad, stop You've had Enough

Perfume Ban in Detroit

Duke AND Butler succeed off the Court

March 2010

Choose from the following articles linked below


Answer the questions on the given form.

The 2010 Census ---- Remember a Census is a count of people living in an area / country

Earthquake in Chile

NCAA March Madness

King Tut --- Murder Mystery Solved..?

Teenage Sleeping Disorders

The Science of Disappearing

Michael Jackson is still making money.

Medieval Child's Brain Found

Sidney Crosby's Gold-Medal Equipment Found

Perfume Ban in Detroit