Fakebook Final Project


Student Examples

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Click here to see an example (You may not chose Persephone)

You must complete 2 Fakebook pages for 2 different people. When you are done, you must email them to your teacher. Make the subject of the email your names. (Ms. Liput: lipumi@whsd.net or Mrs. Kibler: wirtkr@whsd.net)

If you do not finish the first day, you can save your work by clicking the Save button on the left. When it asks you for a password, use history. Then, you will need to email yourself and your partner the link. If you use a different password and forget it or do not email the link, there is no way to get your work back and you will have to start over!!!

You must include the following on the Fakebook for your person:
  • Date of Birth
  • Married or Single – if married, you must include to who
  • Relatives (Brothers/Sisters/Parents)
  • Job (What are they famous for?)
  • School attended (if they went to school)
  • Religious views (if you know – Henry VIII would not be Catholic!)
  • At least 3 activities/interests (This should be related to why they’re famous. Example: Shakespeare would be writing)
  • At least 5 friends (These must be relevant to the person you choose.)
  • At least 3 status updates relevant to the person and why they are famous (You may add more random ones as long as they are school appropriate!)
  • At least 2 wall posts by a friend relevant to the topic. 1 may be a reply to a status. (You may add more random ones as long as they are school appropriate!)
  • You may add more to your page if you like for bonus points as long as it is appropriate
  • Be sure to add correct dates/years to your posts if possible!

1. Odysseus/Ulysses*
2. Julius Caesar
3. Socrates
4. Antigone
5. Any of the Greek Gods/Goddesses*
6. Muhammad
7. Martin Luther King, Jr.
8. Rosa Parks*
9. Eleanor of Aquitaine*
10. Thomas Becket*
11. Henry II
12. Joan of Arc*
13. Leonardo da Vinci*
14. Michelangelo
15. Martin Luther*
16. Johann Gutenberg
17. Henry VIII*
18. Christopher Columbus
19. Hernan Cortes
20. Fransisco Pizarro
21. Atahualpa
22. Montezuma